Friday, January 13, 2006

The Possibilitees

This is my first demo. It was produced as a favor/ Loyola Marymount charity project by a producer (credits: Hillary Duff, Hush...) in Malibu.

Click Here or the picture to hear the song.


This song represents to me, literally, humanity's tragic flaw, in that we are limited to life and death. However, I believe in the sublime, that we can catch glimpses of infinity, the sublime in life and art, and the combination of these two realizations equals catharsis, awe and humility.


Blogger NihilistNick said...

Although I agree with you and am inspired by the underlying idea, I must disagree out of principle that Mankind is not limited to life and death: The number of modalities are infinitesimal. Two souls can and are diametrically opposed, and in being so, live life in varying degrees. With the power of choice, comes the freedom, the responsibility, and the opportunity to choose how we live, and therefore who we are. either way, I agree that it is honest, passionate art (or whatever inspires you) that bares the power to bring one to a fuller, higher, and possibly sublime existence.

7:17 AM  

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